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Engjell Mene

Engjell Mene

Clearwater, FL

December 20, 2010 – Being part of National Agents Alliance® is not like being part of any company and here’s why.
Last week Monday I had an appointment with a couple in Detroit, MI that needed help. The husband (66) had sarcoidosis and was looking for Final Expense. I went to their house and talked OUR TALK (sincere, caring and knowledgeable). I could not close on the spot because they had no checkbook and did not know their banking info. So we rescheduled for Friday.

When I went there the wife told me they had gotten a quote from another lady who came by and promised a high face value ($50,000) at a much lower price ($199.43 a month) and they were going with that. Saturday morning I received a call from the wife wanting me to come by and do business. The insurance lady had called back with a much different offer. Only $10,000 coverage for $170 a month. I had offered them coverage from Colombian for up to $15,000. I was able to write what their budget allowed, $12,000 for $160.39 a month.

Long story short, thanks to the way National Agents Alliance® trains us I was able to help the couple, cash in $1,058 and most importantly win their trust. My next client gave me some of his cooking to take with me and highly appreciated my honesty and help. This is the NAA® WAY.

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